Listening to some unreleased Hellion tracks tonight, while I am trying to avoid doing work this evening.  For those of you who come and stop by on is website and on the Facebook pages, I am thinking about perhaps posting a preview -- just for those special people who stop by.  -Ann-  Tarzana, CA. February 14, 2019.

Really nice to be hanging out with Brenda Starr this weekend.  Good company, nice wine, good food . . . and time to plot some debauchery.  Wildemar, CA. Feb. 2, 2019.

Sitting in the "Ice" Bar at Terminal 3 of the O'Hare Airport.  Always had fun in Chicago every time I've been here, but, I didn't venture out much this trip.  I hear its negative 22 degrees outside.  

Happy to be heading back to LAX -- where its 72 degrees.  Meanwhile, since I'm waiting for my flight, I might as well post something.

During the last couple days, I've been listening to recordings I made over the years, and trying to figure out what to do next.  In listening back, there are recordings and performances that I am proud of.  Then there are those that make me cringe.  Same thing goes with videos of live performances.  There's lots of videos on youtube that I wish would disappear.

When I think about doing a new music project -- whatever it may be (I don't know) -- the first thing that comes to mind (in addition to working with the best players) is that I want to be around people who actually ENJOY making music.

I remember when I would go down to the rehearsal studio with others just for fun.  That's where the best music came from usually.  Ideas become jams.  Jams become songs.  Songs become albums.  Albums become tours.

The first place I have always started at is writing music by myself.  That is usually okay for a while.  However, the best songs usually come from collaboration.

One thing I know is that I am getting the itch to put something together.  And, I still have to get the live Hellion album organized as well.

My plane will be boarding soon . . .     

-Ann Boleyn -  (Chicago, IL.  1-29-18)


Sitting in Chicago today.  For those special people who've bothered to come and check out this page, I will be updating it soon.  --Ann Boleyn --  1-27-19

August 26, 2016 - Update 

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know what I've been up and to fill you in about what's been going on.

First of all, many of you know that in addition to being a singer, I obtained my law degree and assist workers who are wrongfully terminated, or who suffer from discrimination or other unfair acts at work.  This summer I have had the opportunity to represent clients in a number of cases.  Two of them may go to trial this winter.  One is being brought by a female lifeguard to was subjected to sex harassment by a coach at Cal Tech.  Her supervisors and others in the athletic department retaliated against her after she complained.  The other case that is approaching trial involves a worker who was wrongfully terminated by a national health care company the day after she complained to the corporate office that she was being treated less favorably than workers who were not African-American.  These are just two of the important cases I am handling, but they have occupied an unusually large amount of my time this summer.  Unfortunately these obligations have taken my time away from music.  However, I hope that this will chance soon.

As soon as I come up for air, I will complete the work on the live album.  We are very close to it being completed.  It is a bigger job then I anticipated because we recorded so many shows, and because we wanted to take the best performances of the songs, instead of having songs from just one show.  Wyn Davis has been wonderful in mixing.  However, since he has been busy with lots of other projects, and has been traveling out of the country to China, it has been hard to coordinate everyone's schedule.

The artwork for the Karma's a Bitch limited edition vinyl release is completed.  However, there is a multi-month delay in getting vinyl out of the manufacturers.  When we have an estimate, we will put up a link for pre-sales, in case you are interested.

Earlier this week Simon, Bjorn, Ira, Scott, and myself went to the unveiling of the statue at the Rainbow Bar and Grill to honor Lemmy.  (Max was visiting his family).  I saw lots of people there and many were asking about Hellion.

Hope to have more news soon.  Thanks for your support!

Ann Boleyn

April 7, 2016 -- Ann's Ramblings 

Hi Friends,

Forgive me if I am rambling a bit, but its late and I've had a couple glasses of red wine.  

It had been a while since I posted anything here, so I figured it was about time.  Might as well do it now.

First of all, Simon and I bought a house and moved into a house together on Christmas Eve of 2015.  The place we bought was about a block from the house where Ronnie James Dio lived when Hellion started working with him in 1984.  I used to call it the Donna Avenue house.  

You should not believe the state of the houses we looked at.  Basically, unless you are a millionaire you are damn luck to get a decent house in Los Angeles in 2016.  L.A. has always's been expensive, but the prices for property here is outrageous.  (No wonder so any bands stayed in places like Seattle, Ohio, etc.!)

After looking at close to 100 houses that were for sale, when the house we are in now came on the market, I knew we had to jump FAST.  Can't tell you how stressful it was!  Happy it worked out.

Although we've been here a while, there are still some things in boxes, and it's driving me crazy!  My goal for this weekend is to get the library/office organized for future songwriting and jam sessions.

Can't say how much I love the flowers here. By the way, I learned today that the bush with the pink flowers is called an Anne Boleyn Rose Tree.  Kind of cool.  

Anyway, its been a bit of an adjustment living here -- with FIVE cats!  I will post pictures of then all later.  

Hellion was planning a bunch of shows in May in Arizona (with Accept) and also headlining in Idaho and Washington state.  The gigs fell through, but now I'm on a mission to plan a full tour.Really have the jones to get on the road.  Sitting with the flowers is nice, but only for a while.

On the 14th we've got some time booked at Total Access Studios to start mixing the live Hellion tracks.  I also need to nail down the dates for the re-release of some old Hellion stuff.  Also new material has got to be written too!

Going to sing a couple songs at the Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky on Tuesday.  Gonna do Heaven & Hell and Holy Diver or Stand Up And Shout.  Never sang either Stand Up And Shout or Holy Diver before, so I have to learn the lyrics this weekend.  Hope to see you if you are in So. Cal.

Simon comes home on Monday.  He's been touring with Geoff Tate.  Miss him a lot. 

I'm knackered and need to go to bed! 



March 11, 2016 - Updates 

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let everybody know what we're up to!

We just returned from the Monsters of Rock Cruise.  Here's my re-cap.

Day 1  (Monday) 

We arrived in Miami on Monday at about 8:00 a.m. in the morning after a long flight from Los Angeles.  From the airport we went to a hotel to hang out for a while until the shuttle to the ship arrived.  We boarded the Norwegian Pearl in the afternoon and then went to check out our rooms.  Thanks to the Monsters of Rock Cruise, we all had beautiful state rooms with balcony's that overlooked the water!

After checking out our rooms, we headed out to look at the stages where Hellion would be playing and to make adjustments, if necessary.  Since none of us had ever been on this ship, we did not know what the venues would be like. 

Next stop was the buffet, which is free on cruise ships!  Gotta say that the food on the Norwegian Pearl was the best I've see of all three Monsters of Rock Cruises.  Instead of the hotdog pizza that was spotted on the ship a in 2014, this one had everything from Indian food to sushi!  Yum!  However, after a quick bite it was back to work.

On the first evening I was honored to be asked do a song with the Dio Disciples.  I sang Sign of the Southern Cross, which is one of my favorite songs of all time.  It is always an honor to perform such a wonderful song with such great musicians.  The guys all did a great job and the response to all of their songs were excellent.

I would have liked to stay out late and listen to the great bands that were on board, but, Hellion was set to play the following day so I didn't want to be out late.  Besides, I was beginning to get a sinus infection and my ears were still plugged up from the airplane!  Its times like these when you wish you were a spectator, instead of a performer!  I settled in for the evening with a book, while rest of the guys went out and listened to the great bands that were on board.  Thankfully I could hear a lot of the music from the balcony and it sounded great. 

Day 2 (Tuesday)

I woke up on Tuesday morning to the sound the ocean makes when the waves crash into the side of the ship.  The Norwegian Pearl was docked at a small island in the Bahamas and a lot of people took advantage of the opportunity to get off the ship.  Some of the Hellion guys managed to spend a little time on shore.  However, since Hellion was scheduled to perform that afternoon in The Atrium, I decided to get some coffee and review the set list.

The Atrium was a big two-story open room inside the ship.  We were happy that we were inside because it was windy outside and looked like it might rain.  The Monsters of Rock Cruise had built a good sized stage in the Atrium.  However, since we have six people in the band, including the keyboards, we had to make some adjustments -- which is common on most any festival-type gig.  While the stage was tall and deep, it was not wide enough to accommodate all of the gear. This meant that Simon Wright was only able to use a single bass drum, instead of the double-bass set he usually uses.  That meant that we were not able to perform the drum solo & instrumental part that we have been doing on tour.

It was cool to see all of the people show up wearing Hellion tee-shirts.  People had come from Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Canada, the US, and pretty much all over the world. 

After the show, a group of us headed to one of the big dining rooms.  The food on the Norwegian Cruise line is excellent to start with, but for a few dollars extra you can upgrade for even better food!  I spent $25 extra and ordered the surf and turf and it was soon worth it!   (Hint:  If you are going on the Monsters of Rock Cruise this fall, spend the extra money!  You won't regret it!)

Armored Saint, Steve Vai, Madam X, and Gotthard were playing that evening, as well as a bunch more.  It is hard to see all of the bands!  (By the way,  I'd never heard Gotthard before, and they are great!  Got to get some of their music!)

Day 3  (Wednesday)

Wednesday was another day at sea.  However, it was certainly not a day off!

Simon, Scott, and Bjorn were scheduled to do a meet and greet for the Dio Disciples, starting at 11:00 a.m., along with Metal Church, Doro, and Archer. During the meet and greet, I ran into Doro.   

The music on the ship started at 1:00 p.m.  Uli Jon Roth performed in The Spinnaker, which is the room where Hellion was scheduled to play on the following day.  

At 2:30 p.m. the mighty Y & T started their set.  Ira and myself joined them onstage for their encore.  It was a blast!  (Thanks for the invite!)

At 3:30 p.m. Hellion was scheduled for a meet and greet along with Halloween, Armored Saint, and Paradise Kitty.  It was fun to meet everybody!

D-A-D performed in The Spinnaker at 5:15 p.m.  I had never seen them before and really loved them!  (My only complaint was that it was so hard to see them because the stage in that venue was so low.)

Jeff Scott Soto, Helix, Archer, Steve Vai, XYZ, Lynch Mob, Killer Dwarfs, Queensryche, Heavy Mellow, Madam X, Kingdom Come, Winger, and Armored Saint were among the acts that were scheduled to play.  All of the bands I heard were outstanding.   (The real surprise for me was Kingdom Come, who I hadn't heard in years!)

Day 4 (Thursday)

Thursday was the last full day we had on the ship, so lots of bands and activities were scheduled.  It was also the only day on the cruise when the ship stopped in an actual town.  (The town was Nassau.)  In the past years, I have always got off the ship in Nassau,  However, since Hellion was set to perform at 1:00 p.m. -- which I was told was the same as 9:00 a.m. in the morning in Los Angeles -- I decided not to risk going on shore and not getting back in time.

Thanks to all the supporters who came out for the show!  It was a blast!  I want to give a shout out to the folks from Belgium who came wearing their hand made Hellion shirts!!  Nice!

Vixen, Saigon Kick, Tesla, Halloween, Vinnie More, Sebastian Bach, Dangerous Toys, Extreme,and Metal Church were just a few of the bands that were playing on Thursday!  However, for me, the most important show for me that day was Doro!

I first joined Doro on stage on the 2014 Monsters of Rock Cruise and it was something special.  (By the way, that performance was the first time I had ever went on stage to sing live with any other single singer.  Just some trivia,).  

Doro's show didn't start until 11:15 and was one of the last shows of the cruise. Needless to say it was a long night!

Day 5  (Friday)

Day five started way too early!  I'd set the alarm for 6:00 a.m., because we were scheduled to leave the boat at 8:00 a.m.  However, at about 5:00 a.m., I received a call from Maxwell Carlisle.  Before I could answer the phone, I could tell that the ship had stopped and presumed we had docked in Miami.

After fumbling in the dark for the phone, Max told me to hurry and come to Matt's cabin because our tour manager was being arrested!  (In wild days of the 80s, such a call would not have been much of a surprise.  However, in 2016, its been YEARS since any member of any Hellion entourage has had any run-ins with the law!)

By the time I got to Matt's cabin, Matt was gone.  Max told me that Miami-Dade police had come on board and taken him off the ship!  (I was at least received to learn that there were no guns drawn -- which means that he was not wanted for a felony.  Felony arrests generally require guns be drawn in most parts of the USA.)

I went down to the ships' front desk to ask if they had any information.  A receptionist was already familiar with what was happening and told me, "Don't worry.  It's probably a traffic ticket.  It happens all the time!"

Thankfully, Hellion made it to the airport without any problems.  But, we were worried about Matt, who was apparently still in custody.  

Once back home, we learned that Matt had been arrested "by mistake" for an alleged traffic ticket from 23 years ago -- which Matt had paid!  (As of this weekend, he's been in touch with the Miami Attorney General's office!)  

I guess this goes to show that you never know what is going to happen when you are on tour!

-Ann Boleyn-
(March 11, 2016)

PS:  I just found out that Detente has released some of my demos without my permission on a new CD.  I will be addressing that in a separate blog.



February 17, 2016 -Getting Ready For The Monsters of Rock Cruise  

Hi Everybody,

Lots going on right now.  Sorry of not blogging in a long time.

Hellion is busy preparing for the Monsters of Rock Cruise.  Hope to see many of you there.

We also recently delivered the live tracks to Wyn Davis who will be mixing them as soon as his schedule opens up.  

Expect some announcements about some more shows this spring and more recording, too.  

Thanks for your support!

Ann Boleyn

June 29, 2015 -- What's Up 

Dear Friends:

A lot of great things are in the works.

Hellion's Karma's A BItch tour was recorded live, as you know.  There have been a number of technical difficulties, such as separating the individual tracks and also with the way the drums were recorded, so that it can be properly mixed.  We enlisted Bill Metoryer  to use some cutting edge technology to correct the technical problems and have decided to use tracks from various cities, instead of just one single concert.   Wyn Davis will be doing the mixing as soon as the technical issues are ironed out.

The Hellion show at the Arcada Theater in Chicago, IL, on May 9, 2015, was also recorded live.   We will be releasing some of those recordings as well at some point, too.  A fan-made video of Stormrider from that show can be found here.

On May 16, 2015, members of Hellion were honored to be asked to perform at the concert honoring the 5th year of the passing of Ronnie James Dio.  On the way to that event, when I was driving, a large Home Depot truck changed lanes into my car.  I normally do not mention personal matters.  But, because the accident was seen by some people behind me, who were also heading to the event, I wanted to let everybody know what happened and  that I am okay.  I declined medical treatment at the accident scene and chose to wait until after the memorial events to see a doctor.  I  and was not seriously injured, except for a concussion and some soft tissue injuries.  Some fan-made videos of the performance can be found at these two links:  (1) Video excerpt.   (2) Longer video

On May 30, 2015, I did some new photos with Jerry Averill.  Some of them have been posted on the Hellion Facebook page.

I'd like to also thank Brenda and Charles, who are both serving as the admins on a new Hellion discussion board on Facebook.  There are more than 13,000 people on the page.  If you have not already joined, feel free to check it out here.

Simon and I also wanted to thank everybody for all the great Happy Birthday wishes!

Hellion has just been added to the 2016 Monsters of Rock Cruise (East Coast sailing).  We are excited about this.  Our booking agent will be setting up a tour around the cruise and we are planning to visit cities on the east coast that we could not hit on the 2014 tour.

We added free daily downloads of Hellion songs on the official Hellion web page.  To get yours, go to the main page and look at the bottom right hand of the page.  Then click where it says "FREE" and enter your email, and the song will be sent to you.  

Thanks again for all your support.

Never stop dreaming!

-Ann Boleyn-


January 17, 2015- My Blog/Diary 

Hi Friends,

After a great 2014, I am determined to make 2015, even better.  As I get older I realize how short life really is, and I am determined to make my life count for something -- every day.

Max, Simon, and I started out this year with songwriting.  We are working on new songs and plan to begin recording the basic tracks as soon as we get enough songs together.  This way, myself and Max can continue the recording process (recording guitar overdubs, solos, vocals, etc.),when Simon gets busy with his sessions and other music work.   (Simon always gets busy in February and March!). 

Hellion is still actively promoting the new "Karma's A Bitch" Mini-album, too.  We just released a new lyric video.  More videos, which will include live performance videos will be coming soon, too.  Late last year we also released the "Betrayer" video.   We were really happy to see that "Karma's A Bitch" made quite a Radio Stations and Magazines' Top Ten lists.  The response has been GREAT.  And we are considering issuing the "Karma's A Bitch" mini-LP on a limited edition vinyl due to demand!

In 2015, will also be re-releasing some of the classic Hellion CD's that have been out-of-print for a while in the UK through Cherry Red this year.  I am also exploring making the novel for "The Black Book" available when the CD is re-released.  I will know more about this in the coming weeks.

Hellion recorded a number of shows on our North American "Karma's A Bitch" tour in 2014.  After the NAMM show, we hope to begin mixing some of the songs and plan to release them this year.

People have asked me to tell them a little bit about the new Hellion music?  It's still in the very early stages, but, it is my intention that the new record will have more shades and moods than the previous album. 

While, lyrically, "Karma's A Bitch" was about anger, I intend for the next new Hellion music to include story-telling songs -- such as what was done to a small extent on some of the songs on "Screams In The Night" or "The Black Book."  Instead of an album full of basically angry vocals, however, I also want to show a variety of moods -- calm, agony, strength, perseverance, justice, truth, power, retribution, peace . . .   with the lyrics relating different actual experiences -- all at the same time -- -- stacked on top of each other -- so I can feel the intensity of those combined moods when I am singing.  The recording process will be fun.   

This next week I will also be back in touch with our US and overseas agents, and will be making plans to do more shows.  Hellion will be playing the Arcada Theater in Chicago in early May, and there is serious talk about some shows being added around that date (possibly New York and Kansas City). We are also working our tour dates for later in 2015 in Europe and again in America.

In addition to all of this, I am also starting to write a book which is tentatively called, "The Art of Singing Loud."  A long time ago somebody once told me that all great singers have a story -- and that there is usually something in their life experience -- in addition to their raw talent -- that makes it possible for them to connect to people in a special way.   My new book will focus on the lives, stories, and unique experiences of well-known singers who perform metal, heavy rock, punk, thrash, and other music that is similarly demanding.  This is not a book about myself.  Instead, I will be simply the interviewer.  In my book, I will me asking a number of well-known singers about their inspiration, influences, hardships, triumphs, gripes, and even a little bit about recording and live performance.  I think this book is important, because the role of the singer in heavy music, and the unique challenges that singers of heavy music face, are totally unknown to most people.   Doro, Graham Bonnet, and RIpper Owens, are just a few of the people who have agreed to be featured in this book.  I will be announcing more of the names later in a press release.  There is also a chance that this book, and its concept, will lead to a documentary/reality series.

While the beginning of the year will include a lot of behind the scene work, the second half of 2015 will be devoted to Hellion's live performances. 

There is a lot going on.  I'm tired! 

Thanks for checking out my webpage!

Magic Witches,

Ann Boleyn


January 2, 2015 

Dear Friends,

2014 was a damn good year.  Hellion released the "To Hellion & Back" 2-CD anthology.  Hellion released the "Karma's A Bitch" Mini-Album.  And, Hellion did our first North American tour in decade!   Pretty cool!

What did I learn this year?  I  think the most important thing I learned was that it is very important to surround yourself with people who CARE.  When I say CARE, what I mean is that there is a big difference between people who are concerned about others, and people who just don't give a crap.  I saw it in 2014 in the music business, and I see it elsewhere every day.  In short, PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE, SUCK.

No matter what you do, it is important to care about things.  I don't care if you are the person who answers the phone when I call in to pay a bill, a promoter who has booked Hellion to perform, a musician who has to learn a song, or a judge who is presiding over the outcome of a million dollar court case.  Everyday we encounter people who care about what they are doing.  Those people make our lives good.  On the other hand, people who don't care make other people's lives miserable, and they suck!

Do I have any resolution for the new year?  My only resolution is to try my best to be a decent human being and to make every day count for something.  Today I spent 15 hours drafting a legal document.  Was it fun?  Hell no!  But, I did my best to represent a worker who was wrongfully terminated from a job and I did my best to make sure that make sure that his story will make sense to the judge who will decide if his case is worthy of going to trial.  Even though the task is time consuming, and even though I'd rather be writing music, I made a commitment to my client to do my best.  I am now hoping that the judge who will ultimately make a decision about my client's lawsuit will care enough about her job to read what I have written and will properly rule in my client's favor.  

I have big plans for 2015.  A couple days ago, Max, Simon, and I began the process of writing new music that we will record and release in 2015.  This is just one of the many plans Hellion has.  

Now I am off to sleep with more work planned for tomorrow.  Before I end this blog, I want to thank everybody who not only supported Hellion in 2014, but who took pride and care in what you did in 2014, no matter what it involved.   I also want to thank the awesome musicians and crew with whom I had the privilege of working with in 2014!   Your care and commitment to your craft as musicians, crew members, booking agents, promoters, and everyone else who cares, makes life good.  

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn

December 11, 2014 

Hi Friends,

Sorry for the delay in posting news.  It's been a crazy few weeks ever since returning from tour!

As, many of you know, in addition to being the singer of Hellion, and of running New Renaissance, I am also an attorney.   I was back to work, and in court on the following Monday after the tour.  However, a lot of work has now paid off with the successful resolution of a major case.  Now its time to get back to working on more creative endeavors and on planning for a great 2015.

In between all of that, Hellion released our first official video in over a decade.  The video is of our new song, Betrayer, and includes fan-filmed video from our shows in Toronto, Los Angeles, Boise, Seattle, and a few more cities.  If you haven't already seen it, check it out here.

Maxxxwell Carlisle, Simon Wright, and myself are already writing new music.  I will also be singing a cover-version of a Scorpions song on Max's new solo CD.  I will be recording the vocal track for that in the next week or two.  

Hellion also recorded the shows from the recent Hellion tour.  So, over the holidays, we will be mixing those tracks and will eventually release them on a live CD.

As far as live shows, Hellion will be playing May 9, 2015 at the Arcadia Theater in St. Charles, IL with Y&T and Quiet Riot.  More US shows will be added, too in 2015.   We will also be doing shows in Europe and the UK.  In fact, we have bookings now through 2016.  Due to our contracts with some of the promoters, I can't announce some of the shows until the promoters officially announce them.

2014 has been a very productive year.  We released two new CDs:  (1) Hellion's "To Hellion & Back" 2-CD anthology; and, (2) "Karma's A Bitch."  Both CDs are available at all major outlets.  We did our first tour in North America, as well.

Both myself and the band have a lot in store for 2015.  We will be releasing our first vinyl releases in over a decade soon (in limited edition).  We will have a new live album, some more re-releases, and of course new music for you, too.

I am also going to start work on a book.   The book will be entitled "The Art of Singing Loud."  The book will focus on the unique challenges that are faced by singers of hard rock, thrash, metal, punk, etc.  An important part of this book will include interviews from well-respected singers,  I have already received commitments from a number of great singers and will be announcing more details in the coming weeks.

I will give everybody more updates, soon.  Meanwhile, please make sure you are on the Hellion mailing list so you don't miss out!  

And, don't miss out on our awesome sale in the Hellion Store, too.  We've put together some killer fan bundles with limited edition tour merchandise.  And, as an added bonus, we will be adding some special gifts with each order.

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn 
On Behalf of Hellion

November 6, 2014 - Tour Blog 

Dear Friends,

All of the members of Hellion, and the crew, are safe and at home (except for Lee Hollister - who is on tour with the Dead Daisies).  It is good to be back, but I am adjusting to daylight savings time, combined with a "normal" schedule.

I fully intend to tell you more about the tour, but right now I am getting caught up a lot of things -- such as making sure the merchandise orders shipped out, doing interviews, and firming up offers that Hellion has received into 2016! 

I am going to post a few pictures below tonight that were taken on the tour by our friends. Please check back later!

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn

Ann Boleyn