August 17, 2014 - Pre-Tour Blog

Hi Friends:

Another busy day!  I started the day by lamenting the fact that for all practical purposes, I can not rely on the same techniques that were used in the 1980's to spread the word about a new album.  Time to try something new!

I decided that, until Hellion's tour starts, we will be giving away one FREE DOWNLOAD per day.  The song will change every day.  To get your free download, click here.

We still encourage people to buy the physical CDs.  You can pre-order the new Hellion CD on by clicking here.  You can also pre-order a Hellion fan-pack by clicking here.

We also made some new contests.  The link to information about the contests is here.

It's late, so this message is going to be short!.

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn
On Behalf of Hellion

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