February 24, 2014

Hi Friends,

It's 9:30 Monday morning and the day is already underway.  So much is happening, that I have to be fast, so I can get back to work.

The new Hellion 2-CD anthology comes out on April 1, 2014 in the USA and on March 31, 2014, in the UK.  The packaging of both the US and UK editions are great.  Gaetano Di Falco (using the photography of P.G. Brunelli) did a tremendous job on the cover.  Hugh Gilmour did a super job on the layout, which includes either a 16-page full color booklet, or a folder, depending on which country you are in.  These 2-CD sets are being sold at a special low price to encourage people to buy the physical CDs instead of file-sharing.  You can pre-order the 2-CD anthology now through Cherry Red (in the UK).  You can also get the CDs through The Omega Order and/or Amazon.com.  Please note that all the pre-orders of the CDs sold in the US will be autographed.  Here are links to pre-order CDs both in the US and overseas.  The 2-disc CD is being offered on Amazon for only $12.50 for pre-orders.  The Omega Order also has a special deal for a fan-pack which includes the 2-CD anthology, a limited-edition Hellion logo t-shirt, and sticker, for $22.00).

We are also still working on mixing the Mini-LP (CD) which will follow "To Hellion and Back."  Myself and SImon will be returning to Total Access Studios this weekend.

As you know, SImon Wright, is a member of Geoff Tate's "Queensryche" and "Dio Disciples."  He also is playing in "Project Rock."  Because of this, March and April are going to be extra busy for him.  In order to be well rehearsed for our shows this summer, Max, Scott, and myself will be rehearsing and making a couple guest appearances in March and April with the assistance of Shawn Duncan and Matt Duncan from CD-4.  We want to make it clear that these appearances are not "Hellion."  They are intended merely as an excuse to rehearse and to get some time on stage together before Simon returns.  This way, when Simon is back, we will be ready to rehearse with Simon and Bjorn.

Simon and I will also be enjoying some private (and not-so private) time on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in late March and early April.  Simon's band, "Dio Disciples," will be on the cruise.  Hellion is not playing on the Monsters of Rock.  However, there are discussions about having Hellion on the cruise in 2015.   

Simon and I met last week with Rock-n-Roll Gangstar Apparel.  Rock-n-Roll Gangstar Apparel will be a vendor at a number of music festivals.  Hellion is working together with them to bring Hellion to a number of festivals and to make members of the band available at their booth for signings.  We will have more details on that soon.  Check out their line of clothing.

We received new "To Hellion and Back" t-shirts last week.  Until April 1, 2014, people who purchase a Hellion t-shirt from the Hellion store will get a free Hellion sticker.

Got to get back to other work.  Thanks for your support.  More updates soon!


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