January 17, 2015- My Blog/Diary

Hi Friends,

After a great 2014, I am determined to make 2015, even better.  As I get older I realize how short life really is, and I am determined to make my life count for something -- every day.

Max, Simon, and I started out this year with songwriting.  We are working on new songs and plan to begin recording the basic tracks as soon as we get enough songs together.  This way, myself and Max can continue the recording process (recording guitar overdubs, solos, vocals, etc.),when Simon gets busy with his sessions and other music work.   (Simon always gets busy in February and March!). 

Hellion is still actively promoting the new "Karma's A Bitch" Mini-album, too.  We just released a new lyric video.  More videos, which will include live performance videos will be coming soon, too.  Late last year we also released the "Betrayer" video.   We were really happy to see that "Karma's A Bitch" made quite a Radio Stations and Magazines' Top Ten lists.  The response has been GREAT.  And we are considering issuing the "Karma's A Bitch" mini-LP on a limited edition vinyl due to demand!

In 2015, will also be re-releasing some of the classic Hellion CD's that have been out-of-print for a while in the UK through Cherry Red this year.  I am also exploring making the novel for "The Black Book" available when the CD is re-released.  I will know more about this in the coming weeks.

Hellion recorded a number of shows on our North American "Karma's A Bitch" tour in 2014.  After the NAMM show, we hope to begin mixing some of the songs and plan to release them this year.

People have asked me to tell them a little bit about the new Hellion music?  It's still in the very early stages, but, it is my intention that the new record will have more shades and moods than the previous album. 

While, lyrically, "Karma's A Bitch" was about anger, I intend for the next new Hellion music to include story-telling songs -- such as what was done to a small extent on some of the songs on "Screams In The Night" or "The Black Book."  Instead of an album full of basically angry vocals, however, I also want to show a variety of moods -- calm, agony, strength, perseverance, justice, truth, power, retribution, peace . . .   with the lyrics relating different actual experiences -- all at the same time -- -- stacked on top of each other -- so I can feel the intensity of those combined moods when I am singing.  The recording process will be fun.   

This next week I will also be back in touch with our US and overseas agents, and will be making plans to do more shows.  Hellion will be playing the Arcada Theater in Chicago in early May, and there is serious talk about some shows being added around that date (possibly New York and Kansas City). We are also working our tour dates for later in 2015 in Europe and again in America.

In addition to all of this, I am also starting to write a book which is tentatively called, "The Art of Singing Loud."  A long time ago somebody once told me that all great singers have a story -- and that there is usually something in their life experience -- in addition to their raw talent -- that makes it possible for them to connect to people in a special way.   My new book will focus on the lives, stories, and unique experiences of well-known singers who perform metal, heavy rock, punk, thrash, and other music that is similarly demanding.  This is not a book about myself.  Instead, I will be simply the interviewer.  In my book, I will me asking a number of well-known singers about their inspiration, influences, hardships, triumphs, gripes, and even a little bit about recording and live performance.  I think this book is important, because the role of the singer in heavy music, and the unique challenges that singers of heavy music face, are totally unknown to most people.   Doro, Graham Bonnet, and RIpper Owens, are just a few of the people who have agreed to be featured in this book.  I will be announcing more of the names later in a press release.  There is also a chance that this book, and its concept, will lead to a documentary/reality series.

While the beginning of the year will include a lot of behind the scene work, the second half of 2015 will be devoted to Hellion's live performances. 

There is a lot going on.  I'm tired! 

Thanks for checking out my webpage!

Magic Witches,

Ann Boleyn


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