July 6, 2014 -- More Tour Info & New CD Update

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Hi Friends,

A quick update.  

In late June Hellion announced a North American tour.   The tour kicks off Thursday, October 2nd at The Whisky in Los Angeles.  Not only is this be the first Hellion show in more than a decade, but it is the record release party for the new CD, "Karma's A Bitch."   It will also be the first time the new line-up has played together live.  We will have some special give-aways to commemorate this event.

Hellion will then head to Vamped in Las Vegas on October 3rd.   Other shows have already been announced in Houston, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Ottawa.  And, there are many more shows being added as I type.    Expect announcements this week.

Since Hellion is playing in a number of cities where we have never played before, we need everybody's help to make sure that the local metal community knows about the shows, and that they are packed.   Because most of the shows are being held in relatively small venues, it is especially important that they be sold-out or very close to it.  

While the success of Hellion's 2014 North American Tour is important to Hellion, our success is also important to the metal scene.  I have been personally told that radio and TV programers are monitoring our tour to indicate the level of interest in a possible resurgence of traditional metal.  

One of the reasons that Hellion is being "watched" by the industry is that, even though we are regarded by some as a "legacy band," a majority of our fan base is made up of 18-24 year-olds even though a sizable percentage of older fans (who have followed Hellion for years) remain active.  For this reason, wherever it is possible, we are trying to play in all-ages venues.

A few of you have been asking if Simon Wright will be playing drums on this tour.  I am pleased to announce that the answer is: "Yes!"  We are also planning to bring a "special guest" to serve as the rhythm guitarist.   (PS:  Many of you already know our "special guest.")   

The "Karma's A Bitch" CD will be released late September.  Those who pre-order the CD via Amazon will receive a sneak-preview (download) of the title-track.  We will have more details about the new CD and tour soon.

Thanks again for your support!

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn

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