June 15, 2014 -- Some Thoughts

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Hi Friends:

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts.  

The last week or two have been fabulous.  I have not been this happy in a very, very long time.  

Hellion's new CD is almost done.  Tomorrow Simon and I will be going to the studio to finish a couple vocal corrections, do some minor changes to the mix, and then master.  I am so excited for everybody to hear it.  It's my best work ever and I am so proud of everybody who's been involved.  This truly has been a team effort.

Hellion will soon be announcing our first North American tour in many years.  Seeing this come together makes me very happy.  I love playing live more than anything.  I have not been on tour since 2009.  To say I am "stoked" is an understatement.  The tour will be starting in October.  Our booking agent and tour manager are working on the routing now.  We will announce tour dates when the contracts are back and the shows are confirmed.  

I wanted to thank everybody for the awesome cards, messages, posts and tweets on my birthday.  Seeing all the posts on Facebook and Twitter made me smile.  I hope to meet you all when we tour.

It was also a great weekend for sports.  The L.A. Kings won.  Then, tonight, the Spurs won.  And, the World Cup is just starting.  

I am so excited about everything, I just wanted to take a minute and share my joy.

Best Witches,

Ann Boleyn



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