June 22, 2014

Dear Friends,

Busy week.  The "Karma's A Bitch" mini-LP is done for all practical purposes.  The album credits and art have been turned in to the record company and we are now waiting back to see the what the final CD and LP looks like.  And, yes, it is also being released on vinyl.

On a personal level, now that the music is done, its time for hit the gym, yoga, dance class, running and all of the other things that I do to maintain endurance so I can give everybody the performance you deserve.  

Hellion's booking agent is putting together a North American tour.  There are already a number of shows confirmed in the US and Canada.  We will be looking for people to help us by serving as a street team in a number of cities.  Watch our Facebook page for more details.

Hellion has decided that we need to bring a rhythm guitarist on the road with us.  We have a very special guest guitarist in mind.  We will do some rehearsals in July to make sure that the chemistry is right before we make an official announcement.  Many of you know who he is.




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