March 2, 2014


It is a rainy Sunday morning here in Studio City California.

Simon Wright, Wyn Davis, Adam Arnold, and myself spent the afternoon yesterday at Total Access mixing two songs for the upcoming Hellion Mini-LP.  I am really blown away by the new tracks and can't wait for you to hear them.  My personal favorite at the moment is the title track, "Karma's A Bitch."  I am also spending a lot of time going back and forth with artist Gaetano Di Falco, who is working on the cover artwork.  

A new 26-song Hellion anthology entitled "To Hellion and Back" is coming out on April 1, 2013.  The first new Hellion song, entitled "Hell Has No Fury," is on that CD, along with a collection of Hellion classics and rare or unreleased Hellion songs.  Here is a link to pre-order the new Hellion anthology.  If you are going to order the new anthology from Amazon, we advise you to do it now, since the price on pre-orders is discounted (and goes up a little bit every day).  All of the US editions of "To Hellion and Back" that are  on New Renaissance Records are autographed.

We will be announcing the first of a number of festival appearances this coming week.  Please make sure you are on the Hellion mailing list.  

Also, we just got some new tee shirts in with the "To Hellion and Back" album artwork.  You can order that tee-shirt now at the Hellion Store on this site.  

Best Witches!



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